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Reviews of The Kingdom Code Christian Children’s Curriculum

The following reviews have been provided by actual users of The Kingdom Code curriculum.

Tatiana from Riverside

The Kingdom Code Is Perfect for Kid Entrepreneurs

Tatiana’s Review of The Kingdom Code – The Kingdom Code, places great emphasis in building treasure not just for self, but to honor God. Lesson I teaches kids to think differently, and to put on the armor of God, encouraging kids to look at wealth and financial stability through God’s eyes.

Kathy from Edmond

How to Teach Entrepreneurial Skills to Your Kids

Kathy’s Review of The Kingdom Code – While we have only used the curriculum for a few weeks, my daughter is eagerly excited about continuing this curriculum this fall. Honestly, this is one of the first curriculum’s I’ve ever seen her so excited about.

Judy from Allport

Teaching Kids to Earn and Manage Money

Judy’s Review of The Kingdom Code – I’ve never seen a more in-depth approach to money management and entrepreneurship for kids. This isn’t a surface coverage of the topics; it’s a solid and meaty presentation that is definitely deep enough for teens as well as younger kids. Families who love hands-on activities will LOVE The Kingdom Code! The lessons include a wide variety of activities and real-life scenarios to consider. The emphasis is on application, not just learning on paper.

Maritza from Kenner

Entrepreneurship for Kids

Maritza’s Review of The Kingdom Code – I love my Teacher’s Guide! Every single detail of it: the teaching guidelines, explanation of symbols, features, lesson options, schedule options, etc. are very well explained and I can follow the lesson with ease. A added benefit is that it requires little preparation. I can spend about 20 minutes reading (or even less) to prepare for the next lesson, and it is so well outlined that I can easily picture in my mind how the flow of the lesson will go. I appreciate that there is also space to write notes in case I need to, or desire to add additional ideas to complement the lesson (although not necessary).

Courtney from Georgetown

Teaching Homeschool Teens the Importance of Managing Money God’s Way

Courtney’s Review of The Kingdom Code – I recently discovered The Kindom Code: Make and Manage Money … God’s Way! – a curriculum that is not only about economics but combines the responsibility of money management from a Biblical perspective. I can easily say I am beyond thrilled to have found this curriculum. As an entrepreneur, I think learning the basics of starting your own business is not only exciting, but it lays some foundational groundwork for your children that is priceless. As the mother of a thirteen-year-old, I realized I hadn’t yet introduced what the Bible says about money. This curriculum came at the perfect time. My daughter has recently begun taking more paid babysitting jobs, and this was a fantastic catalyst for her to learn responsible money management and business basics. The Kingdom Code includes a fantastic selection of essential vocabulary words, activities to practice counting change and to work on budgeting. The curriculum is impressive because it includes so many aspects of various subjects; math, language arts, economics, life skills, and character building all wrapped up into one curricula choice.

Lesli from Georgetown

Teaching Kids about Money and Character: A Review of The Kingdom Code

Lesli’s Review of The Kingdom Code – If a student has the ability to read, write, understand math, seek out information, understand finances, and has a strong character, I believe they have a firm foundation for the rest of their life. I believe the best feature about this curriculum is the methodical approach the program takes to both money management and character development. I can see many great conversations in our future when it comes to how we apply and grow from what we are learning. I’ve looked long and hard to find a way to pour the financial lessons I’ve learned into my children. I’m incredibly pleased to find a solid program that will lead to a strong future for my children.

Aurie from Titusville

Teaching Kids How to Budget Without Losing Your Mind

Aurie’s Review of The Kingdom Code – The kids learn how to brainstorm both together and by themselves. They learn to look at their skills, at their strengths and their weaknesses to see what they might be good at. If you have a child who wants to be own their own business this is a fantastic curriculum! If you have a child who isn’t sure, but wants to see what owning a business entails, then this is a fantastic curriculum!

Bonne from Port Moody

Help kids learn to manage money with The Kingdom Code!

Bonne’s Review of The Kingdom Code – In The Kingdom Code program, kids learn about economic concepts such as supply and demand, free enterprise, sole proprietorship and more. They read stories about other successful, service-oriented entrepreneurs, like John Deere, who invented a polished-steel plough to make life easier for farmers. Students apply what they’re learning to make their own business plan, marketing materials, and more.

Heather from Lovonia

Teach Kids about Money, Budgeting, and Entrepreneurship

Heather’s Review of The Kingdom Code – Let’s face it – in today’s world of kids becoming self-made entrepreneurs overnight, it is important to train them up and teach them young. These days when you go to a local art fair, there is an entire section for kid entrepreneurs. Last year as we were perusing one, I heard the words, “I want to do that, I want to have a business.” Even though we are financially minded, and we teach our kids from a young age about money and budgeting, I had no idea how to teach them about starting a business. Thankfully, I discovered The Kingdom Code, which is a faith-based curriculum that encompasses it all so you can teach kids about money, budgeting, and entrepreneurship.

Vonnie from Oklahoma

Vonnie’s Testimonial of The Kingdom Code – After reviewing this remarkable curriculum, I must say I am very impressed! This is a complete study for kids that want to eventually be a star on “Shark Tank” or just learn about spending money. Kids start businesses with no cash outlay. The text includes everything needed to understand and succeed in a business of your own. Things like learning how to dress, how to make eye contact, how to keep track of inventory, and how to write a check and balance your checkbook are included. Terms used in big business are explained and used in ways the kids will remember, and can explain to their grandparents and family members.

Jenny from Texas

Jenny’s Testimonial of The Kingdom CodeThe Kingdom Code is not boring! Students are not asked to simply sit at a desk, read, memorize facts, and take a test. They actually create their own businesses, earn money, and then learn to budget the money they earn. They experience economics ‘first-hand’ by participating in the free-enterprise system.

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