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Vonnie from Oklahoma

After reviewing this remarkable curriculum, I must say I am very impressed! This is a complete study for kids that want to eventually be a star on “Shark Tank” or just learn about spending money. Kids start businesses with no cash outlay. The text includes everything needed to understand and succeed in a business of your own. Things like learning how to dress, how to make eye contact, how to keep track of inventory, and how to write a check and balance your checkbook are included. Terms used in big business are explained and used in ways the kids will remember, and can explain to their grandparents and family members.

Jenny from Texas

The Kingdom Code is not boring! Students are not asked to simply sit at a desk, read, memorize facts, and take a test. They actually create their own businesses, earn money, and then learn to budget the money they earn. They experience economics ‘first-hand’ by participating in the free-enterprise system.

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