A Bargain isn't a Bargain unless You Need it

The holiday season brings sale after sale and commercial after commercial...but is that bargain really a bargain?  In today's world of materialism, it has become hard to differentiate between a want and a need. 
Peter Anderson gives great advice in his article Do You Really NEED it?  Or Just Want It?  Peter suggests that the
 better off we become financially, the more we realize that true happiness can never come from the things we own.
Instead, they come from faith, family, friends and through helping others. All other sources of happiness are fleeting at best, and corrupting at worst. His words are ones that can definitely be lived by.  


Why not start 2019 off right by teaching your children how to make and manage money God's way.  Let us, at The Kingdom Code, give you the tools to do just that...give them the gift that will last them a lifetime! 
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