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The Kingdom Code

The Kingdom Code - Curriculum / Program Overview Video - The Kingdom Code Helping Kids Make Money

What is The Kingdom Code?

The Kingdom Code is a biblically-based, fun, hands-on program which helps parents and teachers educate kids and young teens on how to become entrepreneurs.

Students quickly jump into creating and operating a business. In addition, ou Christian curriculum teaches kids financial responsibility, budgeting skills, and helps instill a positive work ethic while emphasizing the importance of integrity, a good attitude, and confidence!

We hope you enjoy our program video and read our curriculum overview to learn more!

The Kingdom Code is delighted and honored to announce that we have won the Best Homeschooling Programs & Resources of 2018-2019 award from HowToHomeschool.net!

With hundreds of nominations and rigorous criteria, we’re deeply grateful for this recognition and remain committed to the homeschooling community!

Program Benefits

Build Budgeting &
Financial Skills

Develop Positive


Learn a Strong
Work Ethic

Create Character
Traits for Life

Reviews & Testimonials

A Message From Aunt Jimmi

Jimmi Byler is the author of The Kingdom Code.

“I have five precious grandchildren: Brennan, Caden, John, Graham, and MaKenzie. What a joy! My heartbeat is to leave a legacy, not only to my grandchildren, but to children everywhere: a legacy of encouragement and the belief that all of them are fully capable of reaching their dreams – if they are equipped with confidence, fundamental skills, integrity, determination, and the desire to follow God’s teachings.”

Watch her video to hear more!

The Kingdom Code - Author Jimmi Byler - The Kingdom Code Helping Kids Make Money

Curriculum Resources

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Have Questions About The Kingdom Code? Check Out Our Frequently Asked Questions!

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Write Aunt Jimmi a Letter About Your Child's Business

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