Use Biblical Money Code to Teach Kids How to Start a Business

The Kingdom Code’s simple curriculum is a fun, hands-on program which helps parents and teachers educate kids and young teens with the right methods and tools on how to become kid entrepreneurs using Biblical principles!

We Create Kid Entrepreneurs … God’s Way!

If you want to teach kids about money and to understand the value of a dollar and learn how to build a business based on Christian values, then The Kingdom Code is a great program to help kids develop money management skills through budgeting while building and running a business of their own! The end result helps kids and young teens build self-esteem, respect for others, and cultivate valuable life skills!

Kids Develop Financial Literacy & Money Management Skills by Budgeting / Saving Money!

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The Kingdom Code - Jr Kingdom Code Kids Budget Kit

JR KCK Budget Kit


Kids are never too young too learn how to manage money… God's Way! The JR KCK Budget Kit is an economical  way to introduce kids to budgeting when they are too young to complete The Kingdom Code program.

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The Kingdom Code quest

Jump to upcoming conferences and tradeshows we’re attending to follow The Kingdom Code team on our quest as we travel the country! We will have booths at homeschool conferences and will give worshops at conventions too, as we  bring our exciting program to more people!

What is The Kingdom Code?

The Kingdom Code is a groundbreaking, hands-on and fun program used to teach kids money management, entrepreneurship, and valuable life skills.

Students quickly jump into creating and operating a business. In addition to teaching financial responsibility, budgeting, and a positive work ethic, this course also emphasizes the importance of integrity, a good attitude, and confidence.

The #1 comment made about The Kingdom Code is, “I wish I’d had this when I was growing up!”  Give your children this fun course that can equip them for the future.

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Who can benefit from The Kingdom Code?

  • Co-Ops
  • Christian Schools
  • Homeschool Families
  • Church Youth Groups
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What makes The Kingdom Code different?

Students learn financial skills by doing, not by reading about how to do it!

Each student creates a real business in the real world and experiences the joys and challenges of being a kid entrepreneur like this young boy who started an auto detailing / car washing business.