Teach Kids How to Make & Manage Money… God’s Way!

The Kingdom Code

What is The Kingdom Code?

When children face life’s challenges, we want them to be prepared beyond the 3R’s.

Financial concepts are rarely taught early in a child’s life, but this fun, new, exciting program teaches money principles in a manner that students will easily understand and utilize forever.

Father tutoring a young boy

Who can benefit from The Kingdom Code?

Everyone! Although designed for 10 years and up, the
program offers great flexibility.

  • Schools can successfully use the program in grades 4-8.
  • Families can work together to complete the program and begin a family business.
  • Churches and other groups can easily adapt this in their youth programs.
The Kingdom Code - father teaching kids the value of hard work

What makes the The Kingdom Code different?

Students learn by doing, not by reading about how to do it!

Each student creates a real business in the real world and experiences the joys and challenges of being an entrepreneur.