We bring you Christmas Greetings with an offer that will last a lifetime for your children!

 Whether you are rich or financially struggling, there is one thing we all have in common... We have bills to pay and necessities to buy.  No matter how much or little we have, our skill with money management determines the outcome and our rewards.


When you ask people if they liked math in school, most will say they hated it. When you ask people, "Did you learn about money management in school?" the answer will most likely be, "NO."  For many, lack of knowledge concerning finances limits their power to live a full and productive life. Learning how to properly utilize the resources around you can shape your future!


Do you want a positive, prosperous future for your children? Do you want to teach them how to take control and enjoy the money they have, experience the fun they can have earning it, and know that it will change their lives forever!

 The exciting new curriculum, The Kingdom Code will give your children this foundation while teaching them valuable life lessons, a positive work ethic, and responsibility. An understanding of their financial world will resolve many of their future challenges. "I wish I had this when I was growing up!" is the #1 remark made about this exciting program.

Throughout the textbook, valiant knights capture children’s interest and lead the way through chapters and stories interwoven with history and Biblical lessons.  Starting a business in the real world gives your student firsthand experience with the joys and challenges of being a kid entrepreneur. Along the way, valuable life skills like budgeting, communicating, and problem-solving are developed.

 The Kingdom Code, curriculum is designed for grades 4 through 7, and includes a full-color textbook, activities, worksheets, an easy-to-follow teacher's guide, and much more! No prior experience in entrepreneurship or teaching is necessary to successfully use the program, and it is adaptable to any schedule.

 Why should you consider taking the time and money to put your kids through this program?

 Proverbs 22, Verse 6 tells us, "Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it." Kingdom Code Kids are given a foundation of values and an attitude of earning, saving, and spending money. With a code to live by, they are empowered with integrity and perseverance, ready to take on any task, fulfill their own unique purpose and pursue their dreams.

We ask your children to join the world of The Kingdom Code Kids, embrace their future and give them a foundation for a lifetime. For any questions or more information on acquiring your copy of The Kingdom Code, please visit our website: TheKingdomCode.com.

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Good through January 1, 2019

The Kingdom Code Complete Starter Kit includes the TextbookStudent Packet, and  Teacher’s Guide. These three components are everything needed to teach one student. The Teacher’s Guide makes teaching easy and fun!

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