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The Kingdom Code textbook is a spiral-bound book consisting of twenty-seven lessons that can be taught in 34 weeks. Quick and easy activities, as well as more involved activities, enforce the concepts taught in the text and offer flexibility to your schedule. The colorful textbook’s 800 pictures and images capture the attention of any student as it guides them to become entrepreneurs, build confidence, and budget their money!

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The Kingdom Code student textbook is a full-color, 244 page spiral bound book designed for students with different talents and learning styles. Carefully selected activities and hands-on projects make the text a favorite by students as they learn to build a business, manage money successfully, and develop valuable life skills. Both the Complete Starter Kit and the Student Starter Kit include the textbook. The Student Packet does not include the textbook, but can be used by the second or third child in a homeschooling environment in which children can share the textbook. Note: the Student Packet is included in every Complete Starter Kit and Student Starter Kit.

Easy to Use

The Kingdom Code student textbook consists of twenty-seven lessons, (divided into 68 “teaching days” in the standard Teacher’s Guide and 34 “teaching days” in the co-op Teacher’s Guide) that can easily be taught in one year’s time.  Each lesson follows the same format and has a medieval knight theme. Quick and worthwhile activities, as well as more involved activities, offer flexibility to fit anyone’s schedule. Most projects require little or no preparation on the teacher’s part, and use only materials you most likely have on hand.

Teacher’s Guide

This easy-to-follow Teacher’s Guide takes the work out of planning, so you can spend your time teaching and enjoying your students! Twenty-seven lessons are divided into 68 teaching days. The 27 lessons consisting of two to four-day units with four flex days of teaching, provide one school year of instruction. Lesson plans provide a step-by-step balanced approach to learning and give helpful suggestions and reminders. For your convenience, at the conclusion of each lesson, answers to all Activities and Worksheets are included in bold text.

This guide makes teaching simple, rewarding, and fun!

Features of the Textbook

  • Hands-On, Project Driven Approach
  • Proclamations (verbal repetition of statements based on Bible verses)
  • History Highlights of How Economies and Banking Have Evolved
  • Historical Fiction of Successful Entrepreneurs
  • Timeline of Inventions
  • Key Word Study (Business terms and basic accounting terminology introduced)
  • Art projects
  • Public Speaking Practice
  • Discussion Times
  • History Activities
  • Bible Passages Showcased
  • Focus on Biblical Character Traits
  • Focus on Biblical Characters
  • KCK Theme Song

This one-of-a kind program teaches kids money management, entrepreneurship, and valuable life skills… all from a Biblical perspective.

Additional information

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Dimensions 10 x 6 x 2 in


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