Student Packet


The Student Packet contains the consumable parts used to teach The Kingdom Code. A perfect supplement for an additional student who can share the Student Textbook included in the Complete Starter Kit and the Student Starter Kit.

ISBN-13: 978-0-9971648-2-4

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Items included in the Student Starter Kit are:

Activities, Forms, & Notices

These pages include 124 full-color pages with 4 black & white forms to complement the lessons and “put into action” the concepts presented in the lessons.




Each lesson has a worksheet designed to reinforce and review the concepts taught in the lesson. Extensive review pages are provided for Lessons 6, 14, 20, & 27 to monitor students’ progress and prepare them for assessments (if used).


TKC Treasure Map

This colorful, engaging map is used as a reward system for tracking the completion of each lesson. Twenty-seven steps lead to the Treasure Chest signifying the end of their quest. This map provides a great visual for celebrating student success throughout the program.



Flashcards containing all the Key Terms (vocabulary words) from Lessons 1-27 cover introductory accounting terms, economic terminology, basic business terms, and some Biblical vocabulary.



Three full-color 8.5″ x 11″ posters are provided to insert in the sleeves of students’ KCK Binders (Workbook Binder and KCK Budget Binder.) Poster #1 depicts the KCK Sales Code as a reminder of how Kingdom Code Kids present themselves in business. Poster #2 is an inspirational page entitled “Kingdom Code Kids Are Great Entrepreneurs and Leaders”. Poster #3 depicts the KCK Budget (JOEYS) and is inserted in the front sleeve of KCK Budget Binders.


2 Pages of Stickers

Bonus Reward Stickers
Sticker Page #1 has ½” stickers to be used as Bonus Rewards and with the KCK Treasure Map. Students celebrate completing each lesson by placing a Bonus Reward on their Treasure Maps. Students may also place Bonus Rewards around the Treasure Map as they complete extra bonus work.


KCK Budget Stickers

Sticker Page #2 has six 3″ stickers to be placed on six zippered, pencil pockets (zippered pockets not included). Students will store their business income and their budgeted money in the labeled zippered pockets.


KCK Receipt Books

Students receive their very own receipt books to use in their businesses and keep a record of their customers’ payments.

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