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the old schoolhouse - the family education magazine

Product Review by Sabrina Scheerer

The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC

Overall my children and I have really enjoyed this curriculum. The activities and the way material is presented lines up wonderfully with my nine-year-old daughter’s personality, learning style, and interests and she is very excited to start her business. My seven-year-old has enjoyed listening in, participating in the discussion and some of the hands-on activities with us as well as working on his Budget Binder and coloring in the Coloring Book. I personally don’t care for the amount of preparation required and the large number of different activities to conduct – as a mom of a large family I usually look for more hands-off curriculum – but my children are learning the concepts well and gaining wonderful skills and knowledge from this course so it is worth the work.

If you are looking for a great, comprehensive finance and economics curriculum for your older elementary student or you would like your child to learn the skills and value in starting his or her own business this is a wonderful option that your child will probably enjoy. I look forward to continuing it with my own children and watching as they grow their own businesses!

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Judy from Allport

Professional Blogger

“I’ve never seen a more in-depth approach to money management and entrepreneurship for kids. This isn’t a surface coverage of the topics; it’s a solid and meaty presentation that is definitely deep enough for teens as well as younger kids.”

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Kathy from Edmond

Professional Blogger

“While we have only used the curriculum for a few weeks, my daughter is eagerly excited about continuing this curriculum this fall. Honestly, this is one of the first curriculum’s I’ve ever seen her so excited about.”

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Tatiana from Riverside

Professional Blogger

“The Kingdom Code, places great emphasis in building treasure not just for self, but to honor God. Lesson I teaches kids to think differently, and to put on the armor of God, encouraging kids to look at wealth and financial stability through God’s eyes.”

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…Every detail of your curriculum is being led by the Holy Spirit through you.  Every single home in America needs this program taught in their homes.  Just think what America would be like if everyone followed God’s principal’s for earning, saving, donating and creating wealth.  Every Christian school needs your program as part of their daily curriculum.  You have covered every detail and left nothing for parents or teachers to do other than print and do. The Kingdome Code covers the entire Bible in regards to money. I used a very basic system with my son who is almost 30 and to this day, he uses the zipper bags to divide up his money before putting in the bank or paying bills.  What I could have been able to do with him had The Kingdom Code been around way back then. …  -Sharan Northrop


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