About Us & Our Mission – Equip Kids to be Mighty Financial Leaders in the Army of God

The Kingdom Code is a program designed to teach students about money God’s way. The program is unique because students actually create and operate their very own businesses, reap the benefits, and learn to manage the money they earn with a budget – we help you learn the importance of teaching kids about money!

While students experience this “hands-on” approach, the goal for all Kingdom Code Kids is to:

  • Recognize their individual talents and self-worth.
  • Establish a positive work ethic with integrity and respect for others.
  • Learn sound economic principles and an appreciation for the free enterprise system.
  • Develop money management, budgeting, and social skills.
  • Acquire a strong, confident character based on the knowledge of who they are in Christ.

With this foundation, students of The Kingdom Code will be empowered to become the next generation of great business leaders representing mighty warriors in the army of God!

Our Consultants – Dedicated to Helping You Be Successful

Jimmie Hall Byler

Jimmi Hall BylerBorn in Mississippi, I was raised in Texas by caring, practical, and fun-loving parents. They were fabulous people; full of wisdom and common sense, who took the time to share their knowledge and love of God with my two sisters, Billie and Bobbie, and me. I truly never appreciated how fortunate I was to have such a family, until I started applying the business and life principles my family taught me. I soon realized others had not received such valuable advice and training. (This knowledge led me to weave Aunt Jimmi letters into The Kingdom Code so I could advise students about money matters and share real-life experiences and life lessons.)

In 1970, I graduated from Texas Tech University with a BS in Education, and in the same year married Johnny Byler. We made our home in Irving, Texas. I taught 4th grade several years in Grand Prairie, and then started and developed my art career. I painted pictures professionally, first selling in parks, malls, and furniture stores. Eventually, I sold paintings in galleries across the western states. It took time to build a business, and I learned “first-hand” how to do it.

We started our family five years later. Kate and John, our two wonderful kids, now work in the family business started by Johnny in 1974. God blessed my children with great mates, Bryan and Kristi, who love the Lord.

I have five precious grandchildren: Brennan, Caden, John, Graham, and MaKenzie. What a joy! My heartbeat is to leave a legacy, not only to my grandchildren, but to children everywhere: a legacy of encouragement and the belief that all of them are fully capable of reaching their dreams – if they are equipped with confidence, fundamental skills, integrity, determination, and the desire to follow God’s teachings.

I retired from painting in 1985 to join Johnny in our business where I started a telemarking division. Again, this experience proved invaluable when I began writing The Kingdom Code.

My husband and I lived “the American dream” of owning our own businesses and watching them grow. With God’s help and guidance, our businesses prospered. It is now our privilege to share what we have freely received.

I am passionate about teaching the principles of money management to young students so they can become debt-free and self-sufficient adults. I believe students should understand what it means to be content, have a strong, positive work ethic, an appreciation for the free enterprise system, a dependency on God, and respect for others. I love Jesus, and want students to understand the power they have if they ask for His help and depend on Him. I believe if you train a child when he is young, his perspective and values are shaped, so it is vitally important to seize every opportunity during these valuable years for teaching students what they need and will use the rest of their lives.

~ Jimmie Hall Byler

Jennifer Hilder

I began my teaching career at home. My children were my first students. I enjoy the challenge of discovering how individual children learn and then providing them with engaging learning experiences.

B.A in Communications from the University of St. Thomas, Houston, Texas.

2002 – 2010

I homeschooled my children.


Received Teaching Certification in General Content Kindergarten – 8th grade in Texas.


Received Teaching Certification in Special Education PK-12th grade in Texas.

2010 – 2013

Taught 1st grade, second grade, and then 1sr grade at Faith Academy , Bellville, Texas.

2013 – Present

Special Education teacher, PK-5th grade, Craig Elementary School, Craig, Alaska.
Currently Special Education Coordinator for the Craig City School District
Currently working towards a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership

~ Jennifer Hilder

Lacey Smith-Horton

Lacey Smith-HortonLacey Smith-Horton hails from Elk City, Oklahoma and is a graduate of Tarleton State University where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication, with a minor in music. Lacey is a wife and mother who loves singing, writing and the proper usage of “there”! She has prior experience in radio sales and broadcasting, entrepreneurial marketing, and social media marketing.

Lacey has owned her own business, Lacey Horton Voice and Piano Studio, for the past 6 years, working with kids and adults. Also, for the last seven years, Lacey and her husband have been the youth pastors of the Church for the Lost and Found in Dublin, Texas. They plan to relocate and make their new home in Guatemala, where they will work as missionaries and education advocates. Her passions include: new adventures, music, tasty food, reading, and great bargains.

~ Lacey Smith-Horton

Louanne Marshall

Louanne Marshall is a homeschool-mom of seven. She began teaching her children at home in 1987, a pioneer in the homeschool movement. Three of her grown children have attained bachelor degrees, and the others are working towards their degrees. She still homeschools her youngest, who is a junior in high school, and is also homeschooling two of her grandchildren.

Louanne has participated and taken leadership positions in various homeschool groups through the years. She has also spoken at conferences, encouraging other homeschool families on their journey. Louanne has a heart for teaching, but more than that, her desire is to build strong families, and encourage them toward working together in ministry and in finding a family business.

While raising her seven children, their family had a hand bell ministry, raised standard poodles, and participated in a Christmas boutique every year. These experiences, along with homeschooling, brought their family closer together and opened doors of opportunity that helped shape the way her children live today.

~ Louanne Marshall