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The Kingdom Code periodically reviews websites and products which are useful for students – see our list below.

Godstruck Ministries

God Struck Ministries 4 Kids

Godstruck Ministries 4 Kids and the “Sing God’s Word” projects were born out of a desire several years ago to set VBS Bible verses to catchy tunes of different genre. In a VBS setting where many verses may be presented over a very short time, it is highly unlikely that if they are just stated verbally, they will be retained. But, giving those same verses melodies and providing interesting accompaniments greatly increases the likelihood of memorization.

Mission Statement: “Let Christ’s word with all its wisdom and richness live in you. Use psalms, hymns and spiritual songs to teach and instruct yourselves about God’s kindness. Sing to God in your hearts.” (from God’s Word Translation) As the theme verse for Godstruck Ministries 4 Kids, Colossians 3:16 speaks to the heart and soul of why this ministry exists. Our mission is to help children hide God’s Word and principles in their hearts through His wonderful gift of music.

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Thereads of Hope

In the Philippines, children in poverty are sometimes forced into desperate situations to help provide basic needs for their families.  Poverty and lack of education can make prostitution appear to be their only option left. Parents are forced to travel long distances to find work, which leaves kids alone and especially vulnerable to exploitation, continuing the cycle of poverty.

Your purchase through Threads of Hope helps end that cycle. You provide dignified work for families so they can stick together, avoid exploitation, and pursue education to set a new trajectory for their lives. Your purchase supports over 300 families directly, while providing them with a thriving community through our projects in education, public health, community development, and spiritual growthEvery product you purchase is handmade by someone whose life you’re helping to change. There is more great work to be done, and your purchase will help make it happen.

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I Love Jesus Wear

If you love Jesus and want to use your clothing as yet another way to spark conversations about Him then you are in the right spot!   Make sure you tell all your friends that you found a one stop shop to get trendy Christian clothes!

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Positive Action for Christ

We believe that the Bible is God’s self-revelation, the Word He gave to reveal His glory, grace, and love. Therefore, we write our studies to magnify His majesty, His works, and His nature. In each passage of the Bible, we look for how God reveals Himself, then how His message can shine through context, culture, language, and application. We challenge students first to stand in awe of God, to know and love Him, for that is the first step of any true change of character.

Positive Action For Christ, a nonprofit publishing ministry specializing in Bible studies and curriculum for churches, as well as traditional and home schools. We exist to equip teachers to magnify the majesty of God.

Lectures and textbooks only go so far. If we want students to feel at home in the Word—to build a relationship with its Author—we must encourage them to dive deep and seek God on their own. When students open one of our books, they should find an engaging companion to their Bible, with exercises that reinforce the discipline to explore, understand, and live the gospel of Christ, by the Spirit’s grace.

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Creation Research Science Education

Since its beginning, CRSEF’s goal has been to educate the public about creation-science and to conduct scientific research that supports the truthfulness of the creation account in the Bible. Board members believe in the inerrancy of the Bible, which we believe teaches a young earth and a worldwide Flood in the days of Noah.

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Daughters of Decision

Daughters of Decision is a ministry that desires to help daughters of all ages know Christ and grow in their personal relationship with Him. Daughters of Decision focuses on five key decisions for growth and also offers practical resources to help daughters put these decisions into practice. HAVE A DAILY QUIET TIME, TALK TO GOD IN PRAYER, STUDY GOD’S WORD, MEMORIZE GOD’S WORD, and OBEY GOD’S WORD.

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Kittywham Productions LLC – Plays with a Punch

In 2015, Kittywham Productions LLC was founded because we saw a need. A need for drama that looks at messy lives and relationships through the clarifying lens of Truth. Our vision is to help meet that need through scripts that portray life’s real struggles and offer real solutions founded on God’s Living Word.

We strive to create stories with passion and purpose—drama that delights while it ponders what the Christian life means. We do our best to tell the truth in fresh, relatable ways, mingling humor with honesty and enthusiasm with insight.

These are our Plays with a Punch™. Scripts that captivate, connect, and finally “bring the audience to an internal choice” (Joana Stratton, Hobe Sound Bible College). We hope our words speak to the hearts of your cast and crew and, through them, to your community.

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