Learn Worthwhile Principles Early in Life

The Kingdom Code: Make & Manage Money…God’s Way!  is a 34-week, multi-level program that can easily benefit students in grades 4-8. Although it was originally written to be taught in two 45-minute class days per week, the course can very easily be adapted to fit any schedule. No matter how little time you have to spare, the foundational principles presented in this program are worth taking the time to incorporate into your busy schedule.

In fact, the most common comment made about this program is, “I wish I’d had this when I was growing up!” Why? Because adults know the value in learning these worthwhile principles early in life. Monetary mistakes can be avoided and successful lifeskills can be gained by children who are taught The Kingdom Code: Make & Manage Money…God’s Way!

Happy boy learning money management

Students quickly jump into the exciting world of business ownership by
creating and operating a business of their own. Integrity and confidence are encouraged and developed through hands-on activities, life-lessons, and historical examples of successful entrepreneurs.

This program is one-of-a-kind and very unique in its presentation. Students find it fun, rewarding, practical, flexible, easy-to-read, and not just another curriculum. They discover what it takes to run a successful business and how to make, save, and manage money. Students easily relate to the over 800 colorful illustrations in the textbook and activities. History, math, Bible, economics, and writing are all interwoven into this comprehensive approach to building a business and recognizing one’s self-worth and God-given talents.girl piggy bank managing money

The book addresses budgeting, marketing, financial skills, treating others respectfully, a good attitude, and the value of a strong work ethic, plus much, much more!

The textbook incorporates what every parent and educator wishes to impart to future generations about growing and managing personal wealth.