It’s An Incredible Time For Teaching & Learning

We live in an incredible time for teaching and learning. Ideas and inspiration for teaching can be communicated more quickly and further than ever before. Because of this, we can adapt our teaching to be more beneficial to the learner by cementing an idea or concept into the learner’s life, rather than just encouraging memorization.

Studies have shown that children can learn better and sooner by using an activity oriented, or hands-on approach. A study published by the Canadian Center for Science and Education found that young students can learn basic science and mathematical concepts even before formal education by using a hands-on method of learning. According to Concordia University, most students are kinesthetic learners, which means that they learn by doing, not by hearing. As educators, if we fail to adopt new ways of teaching, we will not be successful in preparing students for the future. This is especially true when it comes to money management.

When was the last time you used physical cash? For some of you, it may have been today, but for a lot of us, it’s been awhile. With the technology of today, paying for goods and services is easier than ever! But that also means that it’s much easier to spend money without ever actually holding it in your hands. Money becomes incredibly abstract. If kids aren’t learning to manage money as kids, they are left to manage their finances as adults in the age of invisible money.

So How Can We Rectify This?

As parents, we play a huge role in how our kids learn about money. Will they learn by seeing us make negative money decisions or by us teaching through practical, hands-on activities? Through The Kingdom Code, a kids’ money management curriculum, you can empower your kids to be entrepreneurs! This project-driven program introduces foundational money concepts, budgeting, and entrepreneurial skills to kids from a Biblical perspective. Kids have fun as they discover what it takes to run a successful business and how to make, save, and manage money. Read more about The Kingdom Code here.